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What is a GPO? How does it work?

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Group purchasing organization (GPO) is entity that is created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses in order to obtain discounts from suppliers based on the collective buying power of its members.

How does The Campus Dining Purchasing Society Work?

We are an Association of Chefs, General Managers, Purchasing Directors and Owners within the college and university industry across the United States. The Campus Dining Purchasing Society team has put together the most robust and flexible contract program in the C&U industry. With the size of our Society and our distinctive relationships with over 400+ manufacturers of food and foodservice related products, we have secured over 165,000 deviated items.

You not only benefit from the massive number of deviated items, we also keep pricing consistent through our locked margin schedule developed with our Distributing Partners.

To enhance our buying program even more, we have also established ancillary cost savings opportunities for our College & Universities. This would include potential savings on Chef’s clothing, inventory control application and even television entertainment.

Free Market Analysis

Are you interested in membership? We will complete a free market analysis of your purchases.

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